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bspoke fee protection.

Bspoke Fee Protection provide market leading tax investigation Insurance for UK accountants, which provides businesses and individuals with financial protection should they receive an HMRC investigation.

Our knowledgeable management team has a detailed understanding of the accountancy industry and vast experience of both tax investigations and fee protection insurance. At Bspoke Fee Protection, we pride ourselves on creating and developing solutions that provide the most appropriate insurance coverage and best-in-class experience for our member firms and their clients.


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We aim to continually provide the most comprehensive, wide-ranging policies in the marketplace.
Simple online claims administration via our online portal.  Supported with HMRC Investigations advice available from our experts to ensure the best possible results for you and your clients.

Secure online portal for simple and responsive two-way communication. From managing claims from start to finish in real time to client list management and access to support services.

We are proud of the level of marketing support we provide our member firms to help them achieve exceptional results.

Our Tax and VAT helplines provide our members with expert advice on all UK Tax or VAT issues.

Providing our members and their clients with advice on legal and employment matters.  

The Legal Assistance Portal, providing a range of online legal document templates, self-help advice pages as well as a facility to arrange a call back from a legal assistance adviser at a time that best suits the customers.  

Kevin Igoe.

Managing Director

“Bspoke Fee Protection is here to make a difference.  We firmly believe in offering quality cover, that reflects both the needs of your clients and the ever-changing landscape of tax investigations. It is vitally important a fee protection provider is familiar with the way HMRC operates. I believe passionately in providing the highest standards of customer service in scheme administration and claims support.  Bspoke Fee Protection is the way forward in fee protection.”